Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pantyhose Fetish

The busy Manhattan traffic makes it no easier for Me this time. I am late for work at my new promotion at Christie’s, My pencil skirt is hiking up, and my garter belt seems twisted.
I finally walk in through the doors and heading to my office, I notice my boss. He notices Me stumbling in hurriedly, barely even dressed. He asks to see Me in his office. I am worried because I still have not resolved My little “situation” going on down there. At this point, it is incredibly uncomfortable. Somehow My pencil skirt has caused my garter belt to twist, the clasps are digging into My skin, and I can see that it is quite obvious that My stockings are twisted. Uh-oh. I walk into My boss’ office. He looks Me up and down, focusing on My sheer black (albeit twisty) stockings for a moment. He then asks if everything is alright. I reply with a simple yes. He then reminds Me of the strict dress code at the office. Always perfectly neat, fashionable, and tasteful. He looks at Me with disdain. I apologize and begin to explain, but he seems to already have sensed the problem. He offers to help. I have always had a secret attraction but have never dared to go further for fear of rejection and ruining My career. He slides his hand up My thigh, lifting my skirt as he goes. At this point, My skirt is hiked up to My hips. I am afraid that he will be able to feel the obvious pool forming in My panties. He kneels down so that he is directly in front of My pussy. I am literally shaking with anticipation. But I know that this must wait. So I give him instructions, simple and clear, of how to fix My garter belt and adjust My stockings. I then pull down My skirt. As he gets up, I whisper “just a cock tease, want more and you must work.” I then proceed to my office and continue with My day as if nothing happened. Although temptation was there, I was able to remind Myself that although My pussy was wet with desire, a good stocking tease never hurt anyone.

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