Friday, October 9, 2009

Foot Worship

My gorgeous little 5-and-a-half size feet are perhaps the primary reason I became interested in BDSM. In this community, I can freely speak about my foot fetish feelings and find those who are willing to worship and dote upon my favorite body part. Yes, I know, I am blessed with a modelesque face and the body of a petite princess, but my feet will always remain my personal favorite. I like my toes red most of all, but in the summer coral is also gorgeous. Sometimes I like to play it up and use a fun color like yellow or blue, but red is most representative of my true domina self and so I use it the most. The first time I had my toes sucked I understood what the phrase foot fetish was all about. So ticklish, so sensitive, a tongue on my toes is better than a tongue in my pussy, to be quite honest. I am a Supreme Queen Domina and I love to be worshipped. I love any type of body worship, but when you really wish to worship my feet, you are tapping into my innermost wishes. The thought of pathetic little piggies bowing down to kiss my feet gets me off, it’s as simple as that. From the perfect alignment of my toes to the beautiful high arch, my feet are the true Cinderella feet, unique, beautiful, PERFECT.
Call me now.

Need more? Click here. Pictures of my perfect feet for foot slaves.
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